Suit Number Case Title Date of Judgment
FSC329/63 Idowu Alashe & Ors versus Sanya Olori Ilu & Ors 23 Dec, 1964 view PDF
FSC428/1963 Eko Odume & Ors (For themselves and the people of Amorie Ozzizza Akpo) versus Ume Nnachi & Ors (For themselves and the people of Amata Ozzizza) 06 Nov, 1964 view PDF
FSC46/1963 James Oguntimeyin versus Kpekpe Gubere Namigin Rhoraye (For themselves and on behalf of Oria Fmilly of Aladja) 24 Apr, 1964 view PDF
FSC188/1963 Francis Ibezi Enekebe versus Christina Enekebe & Oduche Ajako 09 Mar, 1964 view PDF